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Wyoming Department of Workforce Services (DWS) Alert:

Since the unprecedented increase in Unemployment Insurance claims began in mid-March, DWS has discovered over 1500 fraudulent unemployment claims including stolen personal information (even from State employees) to file an unemployment claim. If you have not filed an unemployment claim but receive a letter or a US Bank debit card from the DWS Unemployment Insurance division, please report it to the State at under UI Fraud Reporting.

Social Security Administration Doesn’t Call You:

A couple from Evanston reported that they received a recorded call saying that their SSN was being fraudulently used in South Texas.  They were to press 1 tospeak to an agent.  When they pressed 1 they got a busy signal. Just a reminder that this is a scam even if you do get a real person. The Social Security Administration doesn't call you.

MS-ISAC Patch Now Alert:

The Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center(MS-ISAC) has published a patch now (update your software) alert for Google Chrome’s browser and Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird products. If you use these products, make sure your software updated. Warns of Posting Head Shot Photos on Social Media:

High school graduation photos posted using #ClassOf2020 could be used to steal the graduate’s identity.  This gives the identity thief a head start with the photo, the graduation date and the school details. Consumer organizations are warning students not to post their graduation photos. Phone Scam Alert:

Fraudsters are phoning people to accuse them of money laundering and telling them that a warrant has been issued for their arrest and claim to be from the Social Security Administration.  Remember that the Social Security Administration doesn’t call you. COVID Scam Alerts:

Fake pet sales, romance scams on dating sites to gain stimulus payments, and stolen identities to claim unemployment checks are three of the latest COVID related scams.  Advice: don’t wire money or use gift cards as any payments, be suspicious on dating sites if your love interest requests money to pay for a family member with COVID, and monitor or put a freeze on your credit.

FTC Work At Home Scam Alert:

If you receive a phone call about a work-from-home opportunity for business coaching, it is a high pressure scam that requires you to purchase a program and marketing materials to ‘be successful.’  Be sure to check out the FTC’s consumer scam alert website or call AARP’s Fraud Alert before you spend any money.

Beware of PAC Scams:

As the elections ramp up, Political Action Committee(PAC) scams will too.  Since PACs are not subject to tight federal control, fake PACs can be set up and avoid detailed scrutiny and often start the scam with a phone call.  According to the US Center for Public Integrity, donors contributed $101 million to 61 dubious organizations in 2017-2018.  It is worth noting also that donating to a PAC is not the same as donating to a public charity and that often fake PACs claim to be supporting a charity to get you to donate. recommends you check out any PAC you want to donate to on

Data Breaches in the News:

Wattpad, Avon, National Cardiovascular Partners, MJ Brunner Inc/SEI Investments Co (includes Pacific Investment Management Company, Fortress Investment Group LLC, and Centerbridge Partners), Walgreens,, GED match (DNA profiles), Polk County Florida Tax Collector’s Office, InstaCart, CouchSurfing, CaptainU, Delaware Department of Health, Family Tree Maker (genealogy),  LorienHealth Services (Maryland), Havenly (interior design website),IndieFlix, Vermont Tax Department, University of Utah Health, and Drizly (alcohol delivery service).

Other ways to report a scam:

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