Introducing EvnTec,

A technology and computer services company based in Evanston, WY.


Enterprise solutions for streamlined business operations

Even way up here in the great Rocky Mountains, we just as much as anyone are continually incorporating computer technologies in our lives to increase our productivity, provide entertainment, and make life simpler.  It's a great and beautiful thing when it all functions the way it should, but when it doesn't it sure can ruffle your feathers.

Managed Computer Services
Managed Networking
Domains and Web Services
Computer Hardware
Computer Maintenance and Repair

Our customers

Our customers throughout southwest Wyoming and Northeast Utah have come to rely on EvnTec as their trusted IT experts in providing safety and stability with their computers, networks, and other related technologies. With the continual progression towards a more digital, computer-centric world, we at EvnTec bring experience and expertise in managing, repairing, and securing your computer devices. Our team has a broad range of experience with backgrounds in ISP management, computer repair, malware protection, and perhaps most importantly the experience that comes from a lifelong passion for the work we do.

Our commitment to provide:

Honest Advice - There are so many different options, unknown terms, and unique use case scenarios when considering your technology needs.  It can be a hassle trying to discern what will work best for you and what systems you really need.  EvnTec customers can rely on transparency and sound coaching in developing the best solution for any technological problem you face.


 From large companies to regular home users, we believe everyone should have access to high quality computer technicians, where support and services for their computer equipment can be had at an affordable price.  EvnTec wants to be your IT department so you don't have to hire another expensive employee or worry about the downtime that comes from a malfunctioning computer system.  We can help build, protect, prevent downtime, and repair your computer systems at a fraction of the cost.

Proactive Preparedness

EvnTec knows that customers just want their systems to work and to work reliably.  Our goal is to keep your technology working just as you expect it to, seamlessly and smooth, with a peace of mind that comes knowing you are protected and ready for anything.