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Retraction from 5/3/21 Hacker’s Brief:

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center is a real company and they are really expanding into Montana and Wyoming.

Two Impersonations in One Email:

A Casper citizen reported an email impersonating the Wyoming Hospital Association, but from a real email address for an internet provider company called Netform in Hungary, It appears that Netform may have been compromised and the hacker is emailing people associated with the Wyoming Hospital Association, hoping to get them to click on the link in the message. The link in the email is disguised as a tinyurl, which is a shortened URL, and it says there is a ‘new pending message’. Do not click on the link.

Mr. Franklin Mike Is Not Sending $2.5 Million:

Although Mr. Mike provides the actual Western Union transfer tracking URL, the money transfer control number is not real. Mr. Mike requests a $55 activation fee and your personal information, including your “ID card”. He claims to be from Western Union Foreign Operation (no s). The two email addresses listed in the email are and and the subject line is “Your payment has been Approved.” Reported by a Sheridan citizen.

Norton 360 Pro Scam:

If you receive a “Dear Valued Client” email from with the subject line of “Purchase Alert!” it is a scam. The real Norton company, which makes antivirus software, is not sending payment receipts for $479.99 for a 2 year subscription. Remember don’t call phone numbers or click on links in emails. In this case the safe bet is to check your account on Norton’s website or check your bank charges. Reported by a Gillette citizen.

Norton Protection Pack Scam:

The same Gillette citizen reported another Norton antivirus renewal scam with a twist. Instead of the fake product name of Norton 360 Pro, claims that Norton Protection Pack has been renewed for 1 year for $399.15. The subject line is INVOICE RTF2021KP. Again, do not call the phone number in the email. CyberWyoming Note: No antivirus software is this expensive – most range from $25-$90/year.

Extortion Email:

A new extortion email was reported by a Sheridan citizen from saying that Klaus has gained access to your devices, watched your internet browsing, and wants you to pay him in bitcoin or he will release your information to all of your contacts. CyberWyoming Note: These extortion emails are reported routinely. If you get one, run a scan with your antivirus software and be sure to change your passwords.

Fax Received Email Scam Reported by Boulder Company:

An email with convincing graphics encourages you to choose eFax (thus impersonating a real faxing website) and view the scanned documents sent to you. The email was from a real Dallas company’s domain name, however, the link to view the documents does not match the sender’s domain name and is CyberWyoming Note: CyberWyoming called the Dallas nonprofit (Heart House of Dallas) and they reported that the email address of had been fraudulently created and they have deleted the user address. They appreciated the report and are taking precautions to watch their faxing system more closely. We would encourage all Wyomingites to take the time to call when the domain looks real, wouldn’t you want to be notified if someone was impersonating your company?

MS-ISAC Patch Now Alert:

The Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) has published a patch now (update your software) alert for Google’s Chrome browser, Adobe products (including Acrobat, Reader, and Illustrator among others) and Microsoft products. If you use these products, make sure the software (or firmware) is updated.

Data Breaches in the US News:

Buffalo (NY) Public Schools, Herff Jones (payment cards), Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department, United Valor (vendor working with the Veteran’s Administration), University of California, Jones Day Law Firm (Chicago), Fermilab, CaptureRx, Amazon (product reviews), Voice of American, USAGM, Office of Cuba Broadcasting, Pennsylvania COVID-19 contact tracing, First Horizon Bank (some online accounts), Paleohacks, OGUsers, Experian (credit scores), Wyoming Dept of Health,, Florida’s Office of the Public Defender, Gyrodata, Manga, Manhunt (online dating),Eversource Energy, Geico, and ParkMobile.

Other ways to report a scam:

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