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Beneficiary Scam:

An email from supposedly from a French citizen, Mrs. Grace Omette at, a widower and physician’s wife who claims to be dying herself wants you to be available to distribute over seven million euros before it she claims it will be confiscated by the bank. The subject line is “I need your urgent answer.” Do not click on the Google form attached. This scam was reported by a Laramie citizen.

Investment Scam:

A Laramie citizen reported an investment email scam from Mrs. Caroline Kowan at, who supposedly works for Lloyds Bank on the Ivory Coast. The fake story includes an earthquake in Japan in 2011, questions about banking ethics, and the request for a genuine investor for advice. The subject line is “How are you my dear”. Amazon Fraud Hotline Alert:

(This scam has been seen in Wyoming.) Scammers are impersonating Amazon with a fake fraud alert. The notice says that someone has spent thousands on your account and asks you to send money to correct the mistake. The fraud hotline number in the notice is also fake. 5G Confusion Alert:

There are a few scams out there taking advantage of the switchover to 5G cellular.

  • Whether you believe 5G cell towers are dangerous or safe, the scammers are preying on the controversy. There are no “plug-in” devices that can eliminate or shield you from electromagnetic waves emitted from cell towers.
  • Cell phone service providers are not calling you requiring a paid upgrade to the 5G network. While you do need a 5G compatible phone to access the faster 5G network, you do not have to upgrade your cell phone plan or service. You can stick with your old phone and still use the 4G network. Hitman Alert:

If you receive an email from someone demanding protection money, even if it lists personal information or a picture of a friend or family member, it is a hitman scam. Call your local authorities, but be sure not to send the money. Area Code 473 Alert:

If you answer a phone call from the area code of 473 (from Grenada), you could end up paying premium charges on your phone bill.

Scambusters.Org Unemployment Claim Assistance Alert:

If you have not initiated a call to the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services for Unemployment Insurance and you receive a call from an official sounding agency, do not give them your personal information. It is best to hang up and call your local unemployment office directly.

Data Breaches in the News:

SolarWinds, Spotify, US Treasury Department, US Commerce Department, Department of Homeland Security, the State Department, the National Institutes of Health, Intel’s Habana Labs (work on artificial intelligence), Dental Care Alliance (affected 1 million US dental patients), UiPath Academy (online learning platform), FireEye (cybersecurity firm), Alaskan voter registration servers, Verizon (chat window on its website), NTreatment (health records & lab results), and AspenPointe (healthcare provider in Colorado Springs), Neopets (children’s virtual pet application), 21 Buttons, TennCare (Tennessee Medicaid members), Huntsville City Schools, and Sonoma Valley Hospital (California).

Other ways to report a scam:

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