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SSN Scam Call:

A Wheatland citizen reported a call from the Social Security Administration saying that her SSN was used fraudulently in Texas and her number would be suspended. It was a recorded call and she was instructed to press a number to get to an agent. The SSA does not suspend social security numbers.  

St Thomas’ Episcopal Church (Dubois):

St. Thomas’ in Dubois wants you to know that they are not sending emails asking for a favor or an urgent phone call and requesting gift cards or gift certificates. They ask that if you receive an email, verify the actual email address it came from and the signature line. Call the church if you have questions. Address Change Alert:

With a large number of people (students) moving home, there is a new outbreak of fake services offering to handle address changes. Only trust the real United States Postal Service for address change notifications.

FTC Fake Debt Collectors Scam Alert:

Beware of fake debt collectors if they want you to repay a debt you don’t recognize, refuse to give you their mailing address/phone number, or pressure/scare you into paying with threats. By law debt collectors have to give you the following information: the amount of the debt, the name of the current creditor, and how to get the name of the original creditor.

FTC Stimulus Check Alert:

For those that don’t usually file a tax return or didn’t file a return in 2018 or 2019, you may qualify for an economic impact payment. Watch for a letter from the IRS letting you know how to register on their website to claim your payment by October 15. This letter is legitimate and the only way the IRS is contacting people is via direct mail.

FTC Natural Disaster Alert:

With hurricanes and wildfires across our nation, tis the season of giving and scammers know this. Make sure if you give to benefit those affected by a natural disaster, make sure you are giving to a legitimate charity. Check out the charity before you spend your money. Back to School Alert:

Young clothing shoppers are being targeted in a new scam involving discount, vintage or second hand fashion buying apps such as Depop, Poshmark, TheadUp, and LetGo. While these apps are legitimate, scammers pose as sellers and then once they get an interested buyer, encourage payment via a method outside of the app.

Ransomware Attacks Prevalent:

In the past week, the following organizations have suffered a cyber attack and are currently struggling to resume operations.  Hamilton County Texas (email systems), Universal Health Systems (UHS) – 400 hospitals across the US, Ashtabula County Medical Center (Cleveland), Arthur J Gallagher (Insurance),Fightradar24 and Plane Finder (flight tracking service websites),Swatch, Clark County School District (Las Vegas), Tyler Technologies(provides information systems for counties), and Sidney Nebraska’s hospital.

Other ways to report a scam:

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