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One Moment Scam:

A Sheridan company reported a scam where their CEO was impersonated by (Talk Talk is a company in the United Kingdom that provides broadband, so the email is a personal address, similar to customers who have email addresses that they get with their internet service provider here in the US.) The email simply says “Kindly reply to me with your cell number, I need you to get a task done for me and wait for my text.” CyberWyoming Note: These emails are often used to steal a two factor authentication method via your cell phone and sometimes are used for taking over accounts.

Urgent Attention Beneficiary Scam:

If you receive an email from the Foreign Remittance Department at Wells Fargo Bank from Mr. Charles W Scharf at or, then be assured it is fake. The email asks for your personal details and bank account details and says that the transaction is being monitored by the IMF, Homeland Security, and the US Government ‘to guard from internet imposters.’ CyberWyoming Note: While Charles Scharf is the CEO of Wells Fargo bank, he most certainly didn’t send this email.

Another Wells Fargo Impersonation:

If you receive an email with the Wells Fargo logo that is poorly written with incorrect capitalizations, punctuation, and misspellings, a Laramie citizen wants you to know it is fake. The email asks you to validate your Wells Fargo account and is from spoofed as Wells Fargo with the subject line of “Alert: View Alerts in Mobile and Online Banking – 54175854.”

Mr C Allen Parker Impersonating Wells Fargo Bank Has Terrible Grammar:

A Sheridan citizen reported an email from Mr. C Allen Parker saying he was ‘here to investigate people that received there fund this year Have you received your own’. There is no punctuation in the email and it is very poorly written. The email is from and the subject line is “This is Mr C. Allen parker”. CyberWyoming Note: Offers that are too good to be true, usually are. Wells Fargo would never send anything this unprofessional out.

W-Mart Online and PayPal Impersonation Scam:

A Sheridan citizen reported a scam email saying “your payment of $399.00 at W-Mart Online has been successfully accepted.” The email was addressed to “Dear Client” and said that the payment was through PayPal and gave a phone number to call to dispute the charge. The email was from “Confirmed” at and the subject line was “Invoice”. CyberWyoming Note: Hackers often have generic greetings and impersonate well known companies.

Wyomingite and USDA Warn of Text Message About Food Stamps:

A Wyomingite reported a text scam saying “FOOD STAMPS: Your food stamps remain unclaimed! Claim online for IMMEDIATE processing (8-12) HRS” with a link to click on. The USDA warns that this is a scam to get your personal information. For more information on the scam:

FBI Warns of Grandparent Fraud Scheme Using Couriers:

As reported by the Sheridan Police Department and the FBI, criminal actors are using couriers to collect money in a grandparent fraud scheme. Criminals call a grandparent, posing as their grandchild saying they have been arrested and need bail money. Criminals, alternatively, may pose as an attorney or bail-bondsman. Then, the criminal sends a courier to retrieve the money. CyberWyoming Note: Create a secret, quirky and unique family password and if you get a call like this, ask for the password. If they don’t know it, then you know it is a scam.

FTC Hot Rental Car Market Scam:

Scammers often take advantage of scarcities and current events. With rental car availability at an all time low and sky high prices, if you find a car at a cheap price, it could be a scam. Scammers are posing as rental car companies by setting up websites and advertising fake customer service phone numbers. If you get asked to prepay the rental with a gift card or a prepaid debit card, you will know for sure it is a scam. CyberWyoming Tip: Check the Better Business Bureau to see if a company is legitimate. Facebook Scam Alert:

If you receive a friend request from someone who is already your friend on Facebook, it is a common scam. Don’t click ‘accept’ because that will give the scammer access to all of your friends to perpetuate the scam. Call your friend to confirm. CyberWyoming Note: This happened to one of our staff members where her Aunt, whom she had already been Facebook friends with, sent her another friend request.

MS-ISAC Patch Now Alert:

The Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) has published a patch now (update your software) alert for Adobe (Media Encoder, Bridge, Photoshop, XMP Toolkit SDK, and Captivate) and Google’s Chrome browser products. If you use these products, make sure the software (or firmware) is updated.

Other ways to report a scam:

  • Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker:
  • Wyoming Attorney General’s Office, Consumer Protection 307-777-6397, 800-438-5799 or
  • File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at
  • Report your scam to the FBI at
  • Reported unwanted calls to the Federal Trade Commission’s Do Not Call Registration. Online at or call 1-888-382-1222, option 3
  • Office of the Inspector General:
  • AARP Fraud Watch Network (any age welcome) Helpline 877-908-3360
  • IRS: report email scams impersonating the IRS to
  • Call the Wyoming Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) for assistance with potential Medicare fraud, abuse, or errors at 1 800 856-4398
  • Victim Support: The AARP Fraud Watch Network and Volunteers of America (VOA) created a new, free program to provide emotional support for people impacted by a scam or fraud, called ReST. Visit to learn more about the free program and register

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