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Dear Email Owner:

If you receive an email with the subject line of “Dear Email Owner” from Mr. Thomas Cabico at a Gmail address expressing his surprise that you haven’t responded to him about $2.5 million in funds, be assured it is a complete scam. Do not respond with your personal information as requested. Reported by a Sheridan citizen.

Random Text:

A Big Horn citizen reported a text that was gibberish from an unknown Gmail address, but looked to contain a link to purchase flowers. CyberWyoming Note: These texts are often used to determine if the phone number is valid and responding can open you up to more spam.

The IMF Does Not Use Gmail Addresses:

A Sheridan citizen reported an email from the IMF saying that her email address was found in a scam artist’s file and, since you may have been scammed, you are entitled to a $900 compensation. The problem is that the email address is a Gmail address and, according to the IMF website,, “the IMF does not authorize, verify, monitor or assist in contract or inheritance payments between third parties.”

Norton Doesn’t Cost $398/Year:

If you receive an invoice from the Norton Billing Team for hundreds of dollars, remember that most antivirus software costs between $20 and $60 per year. This scam was sent from two different Gmail addresses over a weekend to the same Sheridan citizen.

Phony Flutter:

If you enjoy a "flutter" -- betting on a sports game -- you may be tempted to pay a tipster who claims to have inside knowledge. Scammers are posing as experts offering money-back guarantees based on a supposed great track record of success. You pay, you may or may not win, but you certainly won't get your money back. Brought to you by

FTC HomeAdvisor Alert:

HomeAdvisor promised businesses that they would be provided quality leads for an annual fee, but the FTC said they misrepresented the quality, characteristics, and source of its leads as well as HomeAdvisor’s subscription fee schedule.

Raging Bull FTC Investment Alert:

Raging Bull, an online investment platform, promised advice and trading alerts from ‘gurus’ who, allegedly, could double or triple investment accounts in a week. The FTC said that Raging Bull did not have evidence to back up its claims and Raging Bull will pay $2.425 million in refunds to customers.

Kurbo by WW Settled Charges with the FTC and Department of Justice:

Kurbo and its parent company WW International have agreed to settle charges that they collected personal information for kids under 13 without notifying parents or getting their permission, something the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule requires.

B4B Earth Tea and COVID:

The FTC and the Department of Justice filed a complaint against B4B Earth Tea LLC for claims that drinking their beverage cures COVID-19. The FTC reminds you that there are no supplements proven to treat or prevent COVID-19 and to talk to your doctor before trying any product claiming to treat, prevent, or cure COVID-19. Alert - Self-Texts:

Some cell phone users are being warned about a mystery text that seems to come from their own number. The message says the current month's bill has been paid and you can get a thank-you gift by clicking a link. Give yourself a gift by all means, but not by clicking this link, which undoubtedly will lead to trouble.

Cheap Online Courses Alert from

Crooks are ripping off online tuition providers by stealing and reselling their courses. Because these are copyrighted, it could put you in court. Like everything online, buy only from legitimate sources.

MS-ISAC and CISA Patch Now Alert:

The Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) or the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has published a patch now (update your software) alert for Google’s Chrome browser, Cisco (Firepower, Umbrella, Spring Framework), and WSO2 (open source technology provider) products. If you use these products, make sure the software (or firmware) is updated.

Please report scams you may experience to to alert your friends and neighbors.

Other ways to report a scam:

  • Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker:
  • Wyoming Attorney General’s Office, Consumer Protection 307-777-6397, 800-438-5799 or
  • File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at
  • Report your scam to the FBI at
  • Reported unwanted calls to the Federal Trade Commission’s Do Not Call Registration. Online at or call 1-888-382-1222, option 3
  • Office of the Inspector General:
  • AARP Fraud Watch Network (any age welcome) Helpline 877-908-3360
  • IRS: report email scams impersonating the IRS to
  • Call the Wyoming Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) for assistance with potential Medicare fraud, abuse, or errors at 1 800 856-4398
  • Victim Support: The AARP Fraud Watch Network and Volunteers of America (VOA) created a new, free program to provide emotional support for people impacted by a scam or fraud, called ReST. Visit to learn more about the free program and register

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